Medimpex Palace is located in the centre of the scientific and cultural life of the capital, in the heart of the city, at Vörösmarty tér 4, a few steps from buildings full of historical memories, cultural institutions, the most noted business quarters of the capital, the most elegant hotels and within arm's reach from its renovated walking street, Váci utca.

Modern offices in classic overcoat

  From the gate to their desks our lessees can walk from the 20th to the 21st century.


The building (built by Dr Goldberger Budai and his wife in 1928 on the basis of the designs of Révész and Kollár architects) is well suited to the ecletic and romantic styles of the buildings of Vörösmarty square. Concerning the styles of the building the contemporary description of the architects can be taken as a starting point:  

"The facade of the building fronting the square was prepared from Sóskút limestone, kept in neo baroque style, the gate entrance is from bleu belge and scyros marble and its floor is also marble. The entire height of the main staircase is covered by artificial marble and the windows in the staircase are made of crystal glass. The whole building and the materials used have been made through the application of the latest achievements of modern technology."

Group of owners and current function of the building:
The building has been used by the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry since 1962. It has been owned by Egis and Gedeon Richter Pharmaceutical Companies and functioned as a leased office building operated by Medimpex Irodaház Kft. since 1996. The interior design of the building has been changed several times during the past decades. Last time in 2013 when the inner space and infrastructure of the building were refurbished in accordance with the standard of modern leased office buildings. The original atmosphere and styles of the building are mostly kept by its premises on the second floor. The building is under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office.

Conditions of the office building:

elegant building   

excellent geographical location   

facade refurbished at high standard   

car parking space within 300 metres  

  area for rent 3305 m2

   exclusive floors and office spaces suited for the needs of people with disabilities

   air-conditioning, heating and fresh air providing technical equipment

   building operation built on demanding European standards